Therapeutic Chef Cookbook is almost here!

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This book will be available on in early December ’09.  Just in time for your holiday shopping needs.
Stay tuned!
Recipes to Prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes


  1. janetha b. says:

    i ran into a friend of mine, abbie, and she said she illustrated your book! that is awesome. i am going to check it out!

  2. I read a newspaper piece about your work today, and though I haven’t seen your book yet, I think it’s terrific that you’ve taken this path. Chefs really do need to take the lead to help people with their health…I’m a doctor, I know ;)
    We’ve called this work “Culinary Medicine” at, and I like your so-direct and purposeful company/business name: people need what you’re offering, and getting it out there is so important: good luck, and go out and thrill!

  3. Thanks John! Love your work too! We need more doctors like you!

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