Make 2010 your Healthiest Year Yet!

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Start the New Year off right!
When we eat the right foods we feel better and we stay healthy. Proper nutrition and getting regular exercise are both essential for preventing heart disease, diabetes, and for boosting our immune system.

Here are some nutrition tips for staying healthy in 2010:

  • Eat Breakfast, but not one that’s full of refined sugar.  Aim for whole grains like rolled oats and top it with a sprinkle of walnuts and chopped fruit.
  • Seek out foods that are naturally high in fiber, low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals.  Best examples are fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, lentils and whole grains.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Cut back on soft drinks, coffee and alcohol.
  • Eat smaller meals every 3-4 hours.  This keeps blood sugar levels even to sustain energy needed for an active lifestyle.
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